8 July 2009

What's on my desk?

Apparently it's What's On My Workdesk Wednesday today - otherwise known as WOMWW! As I have been an Extremely Good Person (hah! not before time, you may well say) and spent many hours sorting and tidying my craft room, I am able to report that I have rediscovered my desk (and a huge expanse of carpet, too).

And here it is! The excavated desk, that is.

In case you're not feeling that impressed, you should see what it was like before ...... here we go!

You have to admit, that was messy, messy, messy. And the rest of the room was just as bad ... if not worse.

Now I have a clear desk, my challenge is to make a new home card, a 90th birthday card and some 'with sympathy' style cards. I've no excuse for not crafting now, have I?!


  1. I love your mixture of tins and pots to put things in! Your desk photos make me feel right at home - but am a bit worried - now you've tidied up, how are you going to find anything?!!
    Over on my blog we've got it called What's on your Workdesk Wedneday (WOYWW, for erm, ease!) and you can download a button for your blog if you wanna. LOVED visitng your space!

  2. Wow ... that is what I call tidy. I agree with julia ...HOW are you going to find anythng now ? lol

  3. WOW! How much stuff did you have on your desk? It looks like mine does sometimes :D

  4. That must have kept you busy for a while x

  5. the second photos more like me...lol

    thanks for visiting my blog and to answer you're question, I cut those letter with my craft robo..

    good luck with your upcoming projects :0)

  6. Sorry I got my acronym wrong girls - I think I was too euphoric having manged to get my photos in the right place!
    As for finding things in my newly-tidied domain, well I couldn't find things before so there'll be no change there LOL!

  7. A whole room? I'm not jealous. I'm not. Ok I'm the same shade as your blog right now :P

    You'll be pleased to know that at the end of my table on the day I took mine there was a craft mat with about 7 ducks in varying stages of completeness... I just couldn't get everything in *g* I have moderately tidy shelves now and a clear table so hopefully I'll have my desk soon. Woohoo!

  8. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to find someone else whos desk looks exactly like mine did (your before picture, anyway)! I had to do a marathon tidy up and sort out today, and yes, there was a desk underneath there somewhere!