24 September 2010

Stop the clock!

Is it really so long since I last blogged? I suppose it is. time has just run away with me and my poor wee blog is left lonely and unattended as a result. Sorry, blog!
Since we were last here, there's been a fair amount going on. Everything from seriously-ill relatives and a poorly cat through to changes in work plans and of course, my birthday. One way and another, it has all eaten into my days - and in some, cases, nights.
I'm back on the blog trail again now, though ... as you can see.
So what, I hear you ask, have you been up to on the craft front? I have made several cards - two 50th birthdays, one special 'happy birthday', one baby congratulations and a 'get well soon'. No pix of any of them yet - most have been posted off to their destinations, but a couple are still in Mr Mole's possession, so I may manage to grab a snap of them.
No scrapbook pages - but I'm hoping to rectify that as I'm off to PaperArts near Stroud tomorrow for a workshop. I'm there from 10am-5pm so I ought to be able to get something done! Will report back accordingly. You have been warned!