19 August 2010

A furry post

For today's unimportant and inconsequential post, I have decided to upload a picture of yet another of our furry clan. This is Scampy, a lovely tabby girl who in spite of being approximately 21 years old, continues to live a happy and contended life with little to complain about.

She is on daily tablets to control a thyroid condition that is apparently very common in older cats, but apart from that, is in fine and feisty fettle (as my daily efforts to give her the required medication prove ...ouch!)

She is pictured here on one of her rare forays into the garden (she likes going out but not when the dogs are out or the other cats are around, doh!) enjoying the sunshine.

I haven't done any scrap pages with her as the feature for ages - I must take steps to rectify this omission!

10 August 2010

Slugs and snails, and puppy dog tails!

I am proud to share this photo of my latest card creation, made for a colleague who has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I'm indebted to Tracy Gough (you can visit her blog - Scrap Happens - listed on the right!) for coming up with such a brilliant idea, and for allowing me to copy it. Thank you Tracy!

I used my Cricut Create and the Storybook cart to create the ampersand card base. I cut two, and trimmed the second version slightly to provide a firmer card base (and enable it to stand up properly - a previous version I made using the Wild Cart pram image was too floppy by half!).

You can't see them in my photo, but there are plenty of blue sparklies added to the front!

The dog stamp came from Paper Arts and the snail image is one from Clipart.

I've had some lovely comments from colleagues who've seen the card, so thank you again, Tracy, for being so generous with your creative genius!