10 July 2009

A technological breakthrough!

Having signed up for the free Jessica Sprague photo editing - fame-ups and special effects- course, I was gutted when I discovered I was unable to play the instruction videos. I'm delighted to say that the problem's now been resolved ..... hurrah!

My copy of Adobe Photoshop is about the same age as Noah's Ark, which makes it hard to follow most of the steps outlined in the videos, and I don't have most of the functionality that the more modern versions contain, but I've still managed to do all but one of the lessons.

The photo I've posted here is what happens when a Mole gets playing with textures, blending modes and frames, all in one go!

I'm still hoping to get to grips with using masks - which was the subject of the one lesson I just couldn't fathom - but meanwhile, I'm happy to have got this far!

Have great weekends, everyone!


  1. That is an amazing end result What fun you must have had doing it ... after the frustration.

  2. Cor, that's very clever. It's the frustration that puts me off - so well done you for sticking with it, results so obviously prove it was worthwhile! Have a good weekend!

  3. I'm not good with the puter, but that look's wey cool....

  4. Wow - very clever indeed!

  5. I have the technical capability of a pencil sharpner. LOL! That pic looks beautiful though

  6. They look brilliant, not started looking at the instructions yet but like the effect you have got on your pics