6 July 2009

Back to school!

But not to nasty exams ..... just to the lovely Jessica Sprague's site, where those of us that registered in time, are enjoying a free photo editing course! The first class was about cropping and framing, using a special free kit from House of 3. You can see what I did with mine.

Yes, I know, it's another animal photo .... but when you have four cats and three dogs they are an irresistible source of inspiration (should that be inspurr-ation??!!).
My model today is Neilsen, our lovely chunky Ginger-and-white-bits boy. Doing what he does best - sleeeeeeeeeping!


  1. He is so handsome.Fantastic shot of what cats do best.
    Yes animals are a great sourse for models. We have so many Tabby and Torty ... in many shades. Also black ... and black and white but no ginger now sadly. Yes I am a mad cat person but I content myself with the fact that half of our felines would be in cat heaven if we had not been soft and given them a home.

  2. Love this, the Jessica Sprague online course looks really good

  3. Brilliant photo of your gorgeous cat!

  4. Nice frame work, hopeyou enjoy the course!