24 July 2009

Gone to the dogs

I finally got round to doing the last-but-one class challenge on Jessica Sprague's website this afternoon. It took some doing, I can tell you! First challenge was discovering that the keystrokes in the tutorial had a completely different result in my version of Photoshop. Instead of enabling me to copy three boxes, it insisted on moving all three. I dare say there's a different command I ought to have used, but I am blowed if I know what it is.

I used a slightly more labour-intensive method of creating nine masks, and then had memory failure when it came to recalling how to clip the photos onto the masks. Much to me relief, I eventually twigged what I was doing wrong, and completed my collage effect.

The class then suggested adding brushes to 'frame' the collage but I couldn't find any brushes large enough to suit. And finding compatible brushes for my version of Photoshop is nigh on impossible. It doesn't help when the Adobe guide tells you to use the size slider .... and I can't find this anywhere. I must be very thick LOL.

Anyway, I am still quite pleased with the result and am off to attempt the final class, which is a variation on the theme......
And you can see, below, the final class which turned out to be straightfoarward .. once I'd turned to my fellow dabblers at UK Scrappers for help!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your last collage ...so effective

  2. This is great - the pictures are fab too!

  3. Love it! I have to take my hat off to you... at least you are giving it a try and obviously succeeding even if in a roundabout way! I open Photoshop and close it down again...

  4. Me again ...I've tagged you ...check out my blog for instructions xx

  5. Great photos - I have to say, I would have no clue where to start with any edition of Photoshop, so I'm very impressed that you worked all that out!