23 January 2013

Not much craft but lots of snow!

OK. So I will confess to having done little in the way of crafting this year. It's not that I have no inclination: more that I've not had much time, what with all the other stuff that's been going on.

For example .... being involved in a funeral service for a close family friend ... working from home courtesy of the poor weather which seems to result in putting in even longer hours than would be the case if I were in the office ... dog walking ... rehearsing with the choir .... reading ... watching telly ... doing the housework ...

In other words, the usual stuff of life!

So rather than share any crafty pix (I did make a couple of 'with sympathy' style cards but didn't take any photos ...) I shall instead show you a couple of images of Tallis enjoying the snow.

Here you go!