25 November 2010

Christmas is coming ... check out this kit!

A quick blog post today just to tell you about a very chunky looking new kit that's been put together by Cilenia and Veevs at Digital Designer Shop. I've not checked out the detail yet but I am really looking forward to exploring this lush looking kit!

22 November 2010

When I'm feeling blue ....

No, I’m not really feeling blue. In fact, for a Monday I feel quite chirpy! The title for today’s post was actually triggered by the blue tones on the layout I’ve produced. It features Oscar, our lovely black fluffy monster moggy, seen here perching on the fence. He’s poised, I think, ready to jump down and come indoors for a light snack and a snooze!

You might have guessed that this digi layout was created using Cilenia’s (Digital Designer shop) Blue Winter kit. It really is lovely.

15 November 2010

Making music ....

Mr Mole is very good at teaching people to play things - like the piano, violin and keyboards. He also teaches singing and music theory, among other things. This summer, he arranged a get-together for all his pupils to showcase their talents. This layout, made with the gorgeous Blue
Winter bundled kit from Cilenia Curtis at Digital Designer Shop, celebrates the work of just three of the younger students who took part.
You can check out the kit here:


I turned the photos into black and white because I liked the way the colours blended together (and the shots weren't that good, so I wanted to keep them small!).

12 November 2010

A different sort of photo

Many (most!) of my photos these days that I use for scrapping seem to feature one or other our our menagerie. After all, with three cats and three dogs, we're never short of subject matter.

I wanted to do something with a different sort of photo, and today's digi layout is the result. The photo was taken on the cycle path near our home, where many a Sunday afternoon I take one of our dogs for an on-the-lead walk.

The papers and elements on the page all come from the Digital Designer Shop and were created by the very clever Honey Scraps and Cilenia Curtis. Thanks, girls! I've already used the duo's materials on previous layouts, but they're so versatile, I thought I'd play with them some more.