16 July 2009

Stash shopping!

How did that happen? I found myself in the lovely BeeCrafty near Badsey, Evesham yesterday afternoon, and a small stash of crafty goodies fell into my hands!

I've posted a WOYWW to show what I came home with - some lovely papers, ribbon, another pot of Stickles to add to my growing collection, and some rolls of excellent value double-side sticky tape. Oh, and some fab black and white blossoms, too.

Now I know I didn't NEED any more paper, but I couldn't resist these zingy colours and patterns!
You can check out Bee Crafty at http://www.beecrafty.net/


  1. I suffer from the same complaint ... I just enter a craft shop and the stock just leaps into my hands and wont let go.lol

  2. Well I hope you both paid and didn't just grab and run LOL! Oh how I want to do some stash shopping. Ally Pally seems so far away.

  3. Carmen it's ok, she paid and it was really lovely to put a face to the name. It's always great to meet people we talk to in cyber space......take care and hope to see you again soon :)

  4. Isn't it amazing how things "just" arrive in your shopping basket when in a craft shop! I have tried to explain this to my Dh "it's not my fault they just "fell" into my basket. but he doesn't believe me :(