22 July 2009

Nothing to report!

I fear I have nothing of much note to report. I have done zero crafting this week, although I did succeed in taking out the contents of my newly-arrived Sarah's Cards kit and lovingly stroking the fab papers and pink card. I'd really like to sit down and see how many cards I can make from the pack - which contains ribbons, gems and some lovely blooms as well as double-sided patterned papers and cardstock (and mathcing envelopes, too). But I fear that it's just not going to happen tonight .... if only I got home from work earlier! Never mind, maybe tomorrow ...

Meanwhile, here's a photo I took of a lovely lily in a small pond just by the entrance to a Nottinghamshire sewage treatment works!


  1. That's a beautiful picture. I'm jealous of everyone elses cameras (and know how of how to use them *g*)

  2. It seems an anomaly to have something so beautiful next to a sewage works!!!!

  3. Perhaps it's the location that makes it so beautiful...great pic. I confess that I've had the time this week, but so far squandered it. Sounds really wanton when you haven't had time and you've got new stash!

  4. Such a nice photo! I love the colours!
    I too love to stroke my kits when they're new... lol