17 July 2009

Success at last

I've been wrestling with technology to try and open Jessica Sprague's instructional videos so I can properly follow her excellent frames and photo editing course. And desperately battling to translate her instructions into ancient PhotoShop speak so I can actual come up with the same effects in my program.

To my delight, I've succeeded on both fronts, which is why my blog entry for today is stuffed full of photos!

First pic shows Willow in the back garden, and uses clipping masks, photo overlays, textures and layer blending styles.

Next up is playing with text and textures. Don't you think my duck is very cute?!!!

What about this chap? He (or maybe she!!!) is demonstrating the arty of edge burn and using masks to lighten areas where you want the eye to be drawn.

And in case you're wondering, that's definitely another pic at the top of the page, featuring the one and only Tok!


  1. Love the Tok group and that goose thingy photo is interesting ...would love to have seen the original.
    We have a Willow too but she is a long haired black with white bits. We also have a Buffy lol.

  2. Fab photos Mole! I love the storyboard, and the burn ones looks great!

  3. Well done you - crikey, the things that canbe done! You're very tenacious, much admiration to you!

  4. If there's a will there's a way comes to mind for your perseverance Mole, fab photos and great work with all the changes to them. I missed the registration for this.