10 December 2010

Kalika is cute!

I just love the Days of Christmas from Digital Designer Shop (it is a fab creation from Cilenia Curtis and Honey Scraps). It has so many lush papers and elements it's hard to choose what to use. And a lot of the items would work really well for anyone who does hybrid scrapping or cardmaking.

Do go and check out the girls and the shop - there's some lovely stash to be had.

This pic of Kalika, our collie-lab cross, was taken a year or so ago, but I keep using it because it's so silly ... unlike Kalika, who is of course, very bright and and on the ball.

Did someone say ball? Let me out, I want to play!

Seasonal word art from Digital Designer Shop

I don't know about you, but I think these word art creations are rather nice - great for scrapbooking both digitally and 'in the the flesh', or for card-making.

Speaking of cards, I had better get a move on write the ones I've already made and work out how many more I need to create this weekend. After all, soon be Christmas!!!!

8 December 2010

Have you seen this?


You need to visit this place and enjoy the 12 days of Christmas!
Sorry I am behind in sharing the link - but that's me at the moment, all behind LOL!