15 June 2011

Anyone for a dreadful pun?

You can see the card, so you can probably guess what's coming! Yes, it was something along the lines of 'Happy Baa-thday to ewe'. Sorry, but it had to be done!

I was asked to make a birthday card for a one-year old girlie at short notice, and not being very practised in the art of cards for infants, I ummed and ahhhed a bit trying to think what I could do. I've not managed to find my Cricut software or Design Studio software, much less get the codes I need to reactive the former on my my newly-rebuilt PC, so that avenue was a no-no.

I then remembered that a couple of years ago (or to my shame, maybe longer) I bought some Sizzix thin dies at a bargain offer price and hadn't yet got round to using them. With my Sizzix Big Shot I didn't really have any excuse not to try the sheep die, which I thought might be a suitable image for a wee lassie.

So I rummaged in my plain paper scraps box and found some suitable cardstock and away I went. I was quite chuffed at the results (the photo is a bit naff and doesn't do it justice, it looked smarter in the flesh!), especially with the rippled cardstock I found to use as the fleece.

The moral of the story is, I think, that you never know when the stuff you've bought is going to come in handy!

Happy crafting .......