14 July 2009

Now this I like .....

My photographic voyage of discovery is continuing as I work my way through Jessica Sprague's excellent course. I actually found some time at the weekend to investigate my old, but serviceable copy of Photoshop Elements, and came up with this photo, thanks to lesson 6. I think I might make a similar version, but use the words 'With sympathy' or 'Thinking of you' instead. I will then print some off and make them into cards.

Speaking of cards, I actually made a couple at the weekend. Here's one of them!


  1. I wish I had joined that course ...it looks like you are learning a lot.

    That card is really beautiful and unusual.

  2. The picture is fab and that card is yummy!

  3. I joined the course but my Photoshop is playing up so haven't been able to take advantage. *sigh* That's such a beautiful photo.

  4. Ooh great photo technique there Mole. How did you find time for cards? I dunno!