24 June 2009

Tried something new today!

Thought I'd try uploading a customised header - just to see if it worked. I think it almost did, except that I seem to be stuck with the original background for the header that came as part of the template. If anyone can tell me how to remove the unwanted border bit I'd be very grateful! Meanwhile, now I kind of know what's involved, I shall create another header to replace the current 'first attempt' as I'm not really that happy with it.

I've added Katie Hadfield's blog to my site today. If you've not visited her http://www.digiscrappingqueen.com/blog/ then do as she's full of inspiration. Her store ain't bad either (but be warned, addiction can be costly ££££ LOL) http://www.the-lilypad.com/store/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=6

My pic for today is a thumbnail (because I've not got a full-sized version here to upload) of the lovely Tallis. He is a very photogenic boy!


  1. Nice header..let's see your desk!!

  2. Well done in creating your new header. I find it very hard to work out how to do things on the puter. It is looking good to me. x

  3. well done with your header. I think you have to have a blank template to get rid of the original header?