11 June 2009

Daisy, daisy .....

I thought you might to see what yesterday's altered daisy looked like before it fell into the hands of Photoshop. I snapped this shot in a field not far from where we live, when I was taking one of the dogs for a long walk-and-sniff.

Several people have asked me where I got the record from that I used in the layout shown in yesterday's blog. I think they were worried I'd stolen one of my husband's precious classical albums and that divorce might be pending as a result!

Fear not: the album in question was provided by Cleo as part of the class materials. However, you should be able to lay your hands on vinyl very cheaply at your local charity shop. You could try the technique with a single if you fancied a smalled canvas size.

I've also been asked what glue I used to stick the various elements with. Good old double sided tape, is the answer. If you want weightier things on your creation, Diamond Glaze or something similar might be a little safer.

My other photo today shows the inside of the flip-up book which forms part of my record layout. It isn't really finished as I'd like to add some journalling about my husband and his brother when they are growing up. But you get the feel, I hope, for how it might look.


  1. Your record idea is such fun ... I bet your hubby is taking a head count of his recorda.lol.