22 June 2009

Today Part II

I couldn't resist coming back and posting again. You can't say I didn't warn you!
This page features one of my nephews, Richard. I'd had these photos of him hanging around for ages, but I'd held back from using them because the backgrounds in the pictures were cluttered and dark. I decided that the best way to de-clutter was to literally cut out the background debris, leaving just the lad. A brave step from one who doesn't like waving scissors around too much, but it seems to have worked.
I've used buttons from my stash, punched out and chalked stars, rub-ons, adhesive lettering and rubber stamping all on the same page. Plus a blossom (to hide an unavoidable ugly bit of photo), brad, braid and a charm (the latter, I think, plundered from an odd earring). In real life all these items give the layout real texture and dimension - which the photo itself doesn't necessarily show to best advantage.
I was pleased when I found the papers as I felt they echoed the design and colours of Richard's pyjamas brilliantly.
Oh, and I've hand-written that journalling. I cut a curve from a piece of scrap card and used that to guide my script.


  1. Brave but successful scissor wealding! And lvoe the photo too - would be great printed as a full card and a message stamped iover the left side. Yum.

  2. Yep have to agree with Julia :) I remember making my Dad a card in my tweens by cutting up old photos of us and putting them on a cartoon stylee background that I'd drawn. It was years later that Mum told me I had chopped up the only originals LOL! And they didn't tell me off - hows that for encorouging creativity?

    Definitely would be great as a card ;)

  3. Great layout and good scissor control I am not that brave but yours has worked really well. xx

  4. Lovely Layout... Beautiful photo's and colours too.
    And thank you for your offer of your housework LOL I think I have enough of my own!!! hahaha

  5. Have just caught up on your week of blogging. Love your photos and LO's too. I agree with the others about your scissor control and the fact that trimming photos just seem to work for you.

  6. Inspired!! I'm not brave enough to cut people out of photos. but have a piccy i like with a busy background. maybe i will try it??? the journaling looks FAB!!!

  7. cute LO, cant remember the last time I scrapped

    thanks for the comment on my blog, I keep track of challenges on a spreadsheet, makes it easy peasy :0)