1 February 2012

Digi double

I have managed to catch up with my digi Circle Journal entries and amazingly, met the final deadline in spite of all my hiccoughs on the way. The first is Cod Wars!

This was for a 'Year of my birth' entry and was a challenge as some of the topics I'd normally have chosen for this theme had already been used by other digi scrappers - and I wanted to make sure my page was different. I browsed around the website and looked for the defining events of the year in question ... and my fancy was tickled by cod!

The final CJ was all about 'my home town' (or 'why should I visit yours!). I live in a very small village but we're blessed with lovely walks, scenery, valleys , sunsets and all-sorts, so I thought I could create a page that celebrated all this.

I've had a great time taking part in the CJ. Maybe next time, we should do a digi round-robin scraplift theme! Any takers?


  1. Nice layouts-love the dimension on the spiral roses!

  2. These are great! LOVE the top one especially!

  3. These have turned out so well - and that top one could go straight into a magazine!