9 July 2011

Trying to be good

It is true, I have been trying to be good. Why? Well, I have been out of work now since December last year and redundancy payouts don't, sadly, last for ever. So I am trying to rein in my spending habits (not that they were ever very dubious - but who doesn't like buying the odd crafty thing here and there??!!).

The result from a crafting perspective is I've been making more of an effort to use up what I've got, scraps and all. The card above is just one of a batch I've made using what's stashed away in my office-cum-craft room. The exercise has also made me use my Sizzix dies and various punches, so I am feeling reasonably pleased with myself!

I will post up some more photos as I go along.


  1. Excellent idea - I've been using up stash too, altho I must confess I'm still buying stamps...:O

    I spent a few moments wondering where the 'car' was, tho....lol! Nice card!
    Helen S

  2. This is really pretty, and sorry about the financial woes. Thinking of you too.