25 July 2011

A digital creation

While I've been out of work, I've had much more time to explore the capabilities of my Photoshop Elements 8 software. I am, I admit, a little bit addicted to just playing around with it, mostly on photos, but also, it has to be said, with other elements that could be useful in digital, or in-the-flesh scrapbooking.

And here is my latest 'test' creation, which I was quite pleased with. I do have another, grungier version (postmarks are seldom crystal clear and perfect, are they?!) but I am not sure where I filed it (doh!). I don't think I've perfected the technique yet - I couldn't see to get the 'sent with love' text to appear the right way up, but hey, in my book,  any progress is good!
I made the image with the help of the fab people on elementsvillage.com. The site is well worth a visit if you want to got more from your Photoshop program, and everyone there is so helpful.

I've posted this link as one of my UK Scrapper companions has gone all postal, and when I read her blog, I thought my creation would be just perfect to share and add to the collection of all thing maily.

And here is a photo of one of our dogs Kalika, framed by moi, using masks and brushes. I did have fun doing this!


  1. Thanks for playing along! You're all safely pinned to the Pinterest board here: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/going-postal/ That postmark would be great over a photo - even one you printed out for 'in the flesh' scrapbooking. Did you see Miss Smith's postcard idea on the Pinterest board? It would combine really well with yours.

    Thanks again.
    Julie :-)

  2. Kalika is gorgeous :) lovely image :)

  3. Oh, well done for getting your head round that! I bought my laptop with PSE already installed and I don't use it properly. I must do something about it....:D
    Helen S

  4. These are lovely - great stamp!

  5. This is great! Well done. Found you via pinterest.