27 April 2010

Awwww! How cute!

OK. So we couldn't resist. When we heard on the local news that the meerkats at Bristol Zoo were multiplying, we knew we'd have to go and see the offspring (meerkittens??!!!). Mr Mole is particular fond of the wee beasties and does a mean impression of them.

So this weekend, we hopped in the car and headed off to the zoo to see what was what. And I've got to admit, yes, they were cute!

I took loads of photos - not just of the meerkats, but also of prairie dogs, ring-tailed lemurs, red pandas, a pygmy crocodile, penguins, a lion and lioness, and some other birds and animals too.
I won't blow up Blogger by posting any more but you can bet you'll be seeing some more of the photos I took in the coming days and weeks!


  1. Stunning photos ... love meerkats ...was given a soft cudly one for Easter.

  2. LOL. I have just changed my accent by looking at your photo! *Ü* Looking forward to seeing more photos. TFS. ~Glen~

  3. Dontcha just love meercats - they are so much fun:)..x

  4. Love the idea of Meerkitties!:-D

  5. I always used to get taken to Bristol Zoo as my birthday treat when I was little!
    Yep! Much cuteness! Look forward to seeing more of your photos :)

  6. How cute you ask? Seriously cute!!!