24 March 2010

Spring light and colours

One of the many things I like about spring (along with cute lambs leaping, daffodils, Easter eggs etc) is the way the light changes and makes things looks so different. It does something to the colours, lifting them and making them seem fresher and and somehow more 'alive' - if a colour can be more alive!!!!

I took this photo while taking Tallis for a walk along the local cycle path. He and I only discovered the river section a few week ago, and this was the first time the ground was dry enough to allow us to make our way down the slope to the river edge without slip-sliding all the way. Well, Tallis could have made it quite happily, but he goes on the lead for this section and I wasn't about to let him tow me along!!!

Anyway, I liked the way the light caught the water and cast shadows on the bank. Hope you do, too!


  1. WOW, that's a lovely phorograph. I'm always searching for "good light" when taking photographs, you definitely found some here!

  2. Very pretty - what a lovely place for a walk! :)

  3. There's an award for you on my blog (if you fancy doing it :) )