27 November 2009

Wot no crafting?

That is correct. I still have nothing crafty to show you. With a major choral concert, rehearsals, Slimming Word, huge announcements at work, Slimming World club and a family member's house move to contend with, I've not had a spare hour in the day (or night LOL!).

So you'll have to put up with another photo of non-craftiness again! I thought you might enjoy this glimpse of Tallis, one of our three dogs, enjoying himself on the beach. The photo was taken during our holiday on the Isle of Wight last month. Tally really did enjoy himself!


  1. Love that picture :D Blimey that water must have been cold!

    Don't worry to much about the crafting, some times real life just gets in the way, it's a flipping cheek when it does mind you :D