20 November 2009

Failing successfully!

I think that's what I'm doing right now - failing successfully to keep a regular flow of posts on my blog. It is supposed to be a crafty-themed blog, and the truth is, I've got no new pix to show you that fir the category. I forgot to take pics of the 90th birthday word book I made. I haven't got round to taking a snap of my my most recent LO (it was from a class taught at PaperArts but was also going to be used for the UKS cyber crop, and I didn't want to post anything up before the crop ....).

So a photo from my happy snaps album it will have to be. I love stained glass windows and can't resist taking photos of them. I am always amazed at how well they turn out. No idea where this one is from, except that it's in a church on the Isle of Wight! (That's helpful, isn't it LOL!!)


  1. We dont mind what you blog ....its all great.Shame you didnt take the 90th photos though.
    That window photo is amazing.

  2. Gosh isn't that lovely. I bet someone will know which church. And I'm with Angie - just blog!

  3. I love church windows, too! Beautiful photo and just keep blogging about whatever strikes you.

  4. I don't mind what you blog either ... I just like to see what you are up to :0) Nosey??? Who me????

  5. Yep definitely just blog, not all my posts are craft related either. We just like seeing what you are up to.

    Love these stained glass windows. Absolutely beautiful, I often think about looking into that (on a much smaller, simpler scale) as another crafty hobby. But OH worries that my clumsiness + glass would = more hospital visits! :D