27 January 2012

Ooops! My mistake - but still a good result!

To err is human, to misread the requirements for a CJ entry is also pretty stupid. That's what I did the other day. But you know what, although I feel a right plonker for getting confused and will have to complete not only one but two digi pages this weekend (to replace the erroneous page, and produce the final LO for the CJ 'trail' I'm following)  .... I am actually quite pleased with my 'acidental' page anyway!

I have sat at my PC without my notebook where I've recorded the designers whose materials I've used so my apologies - I'll rectify this when I'm back at base. But meanwhile, hand up if you're a fan of the lovely old mini!

My first car was a mini so I've a soft spot for the wee beastie. It was a sort of mushroom grey colour, and my friend had one in exactly the same shade. We weren't too happy when we discovered that my key also unlocked the door of her car .... but we still both loved our wheels....


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and having a browse around Pass the Page. It was a lot of fun.

    I love your "Mini" page - it is sparking off memories of a trip my aunt took us on when we were little with two adults and five kids crammed into her mini..you wouldn't be allowed to do that now..

  2. Really cool page, I love the diagram & the badge you included. Great happy accident.

  3. It's a great page,mistake or not!

  4. I love a mistake that turns out so well - I really like the blueprint look to this page :)

  5. Error or not, this looks fabulous. A great mistake