23 November 2011

Oh, the shame ....

I am a bad person: I have not blogged for ages. I have no excuse other than life, and stuff happening. But just because I have not blogged, doesn't mean I've not been crafting. I've made some cards .... sadly no photos as they were were all snaffled straight away for various birthdays and get well soon postings. You'll have to trust me when I say they looked ok.

Now this digi page I've uploaded here is one of the pages I've done for the digi circle journal over on UKS. The theme for this one was childhood memories. I wasn't sure what to do for this as I didn't have any photos to illustrate the theme. Then I started thinking about what I spent most of my childhood doing - and the answer is probably reading. Which led me to remembering all the books I borrowed from the local libary to feed my hunger for words. And so my page idea was born.

Nature was the theme for another circle journal which seemed a perfect excuse to use one of the photos I took earlier this year of poppies growing in the fields near my home.

A similar CJ, called Nature's Glory, gave me the chance to use a different shor altogether, of the lovely holly growing in a local wood, dressed with snow.

Hope you like my creations ..... I shall try not to stay away from my blog for so long, next time!


  1. I was a book reader as a child....still am. Beautiful layouts, I esp like the holly photo and layout....feels very christmassy:)

  2. These are lovely - I especially like the Andrew Lang one. Good to see you again!