19 January 2010

2010? How did that happen??!!

There went another year ... and here we are, half way through January already and I've yet to blog. I blame it on being snowbound and hostage to a BT landline that's slower than a slow thing! Trying to anything much on-line that's more intensive than posting a short email is a waste of time because it ties up the landline for hours.

Unfortunately, I've no pix of anything crafty to show you so I will have to share a photo from my files instead. Which is why can you see a photo of Scampy, our elderly tabby cat, instead! She is snoozing in the new Penguin bed which Mr Mole bought before Christmas. Amazingly, given the disdain with which most cats treat 'proper' cat beds (much preferring, for example, the ironing pile!), three of our four cats really, really like this new 'snoozery.
Scampy is at least 18 years old but in spite of a thyroid problem, she's otherwise in great nick - lovely glossy coat, white bits that really are white, and very, very purry. I'll have to do her a special purr-enguin purr-age!


  1. What a wonderful purr-chase! ;) My cats prefer to sleep either (1) in the box on top of DS's wardrobe OR (2) squished up under the bottom rung of the step ladder that's been cluttering up the landing for the last, oh ... 6 months! Neither place looks comfy!
    Look forward to seeing your penguin page :)

  2. Ahhhhh,she looks very comfy. my cats change where they like to sleep every week or so. Glad she is so well at such a good age:)