21 August 2009

Time for another?

For some reason, I was particularly pleased with this layout, which was another product of my 12-hour crop. I liked the way the papers drew on the blue glazed flower pot, and also reflected the browns and golds in Tok's coat.

And it proves boy dogs can have flowers, too LOL! These were cut out of some papers I had with me, and have jewels as centrepieces (although you can't see them on this photo).

The lettering comes from a variety of odd alpha bits and pieces. I'm always trying to use them up and begrudge wasting a single letter!

The paper edging, by the way, was hand cut. I made myself a cardboard template from a scrap and it seemed to work pretty well.

The 'on the case' title is chosen because Mr Mole is fond of using it when talking about Tok ... "It's ok,"he says. "He's on the case!" The case in point usually refers to a one or biscuit or some other tasty tidbit. The dogs in our house get fed a better diet than we do, I sometimes think!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend full of craftiness!


  1. Another lovely one Moley - as I have a coffee and a small pile (ahem) of biscuits next to me, does that mean I'm on the case too! I'm not sending you a photo though!

  2. You're right about those colours, they just really work. Lovely. Tok looks gorgeous.

  3. He is one gorgeous dog! Can I pinch him please?! The colours really suit the photo - no wonder you're pleased with it!

  4. Fabulous ... he certainly is a beauty ... you have a fab weekend too!

  5. loving these furbaby LOs :0)

  6. Oooh gorgeous Pooch & the Layout is lovely too.